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Travelling with Your Pet

When going on a vacation, having to leave your pet behind can be difficult as well as rather worrying. If you could take your pet along with you, then, your trip will be much more enjoyable. When planning out such a trip, you need to take your pet’s needs into consideration long before the date of travel. Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Check with your vet if your pet can travel. Ask him about any complications with certain modes of travel, etc.

2. You would also need to check with your veterinarian regarding vaccinations necessary before travelling and obtaining a health certificate which confirms that your pet is fit to travel.

3. It is important that you are able to identify your pet. Along with an ID tag, include a rabies tag as well. Ensure that the ID tag has all your contact information. Sometimes, tags have a tendency to fall off – therefore you might want to consider getting a microchip embedded into your pet’s skin. Check with your vet first!

4. The carrier your pet will be travelling in must be spacious enough to allow him to move around. It should also be well ventilated, and easy to handle. Ensure that the carrier is labelled with your pet’s name and your contact details.

5. When packing for the trip, pack things like bowls for eating and drinking, a pooper scooper, a first aid kit for your pet and other kinds of food he likes to eat.

6. If travelling on the road, ensure that your pet is supervised at all times.

7. If travelling by air, speak to someone at the ticketing office and get a clear understanding of the airline’s rules regarding pets.