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Cruelty against dogs and cats

Man’s best friend was never meant to be eaten. Still, there are cultures around the world that consider dog meat as a delicacy. It was believed that the meat of dogs help males boost their sexual activity. While this has no scientific basis, there is no stopping the people from that part of the globe from killing dogs and selling their meat in the market. There are rumors that speculate that big money being transacted in the business, while the government sits indifferently to the cruel acts.

Adding to the cruelty is the belief that the more a dog suffers while awaiting death, the better the meat tastes. So dogs whose meats are sold are usually put in confined spaces and treated sparingly, in order to increase their meats value to satisfy customers. There were cases of death by slow hanging and using a propane torch to burn off hairs off the animal. Cats were subjected to the same cruelty, being put into sacks and then smashed against hard objects to cause death.

Such cases of animal cruelty have been recorded all around the world in countries such as Rome, Mexico, China, Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines. People who eat dog meat argue that it is no different from eating poultry, cows and pigs meat. Still, there are cultures, such as Islamic and Jewish which ban the act of eating dog meat, considering it a sin against their religion. Hopefully, the killing will stop and dogs and cats are given the right they deserve.