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The Benefits of a Human-Animal Relationship

Summary: If you get a dog, you will be getting your next best friend. Here are reasons dog ownership benefits the owner.

The relationship between a human and his or her companion animal is a special one. Although companion animals can be any species, people often think of dogs first. After all, they are “man’s best friend.” Here are a few reasons human to pet dog relationships are so sacred.

Constant Companionship

Dogs offer social contact when other humans are not available. They also offer a sense of companionship for their owners. Companionship gives a person intrinsic satisfactions like shared pleasure in activities or relaxation. These both add to the dog owner’s quality of life and assist in developing positive mental health on a daily basis.

Though the companionship offered by a pet is similar to that of another human, it cannot be a substitute. However, relationships with pets are less likely to burnout or be subject to fluctuations. There are also less chances of strain on the relationship because dogs are more predictable and more trainable than people.

Increased Physical Activity

When people own dogs, they often feel an obligation to walk them. Dogs are healthiest when they eat a balanced diet and get the proper amount of exercise. This motivates dog owners to get outside and walk their dogs. Whether they go on a couple walks every day or longer walks a few times a week, they are being more active than they would be if they did not have a dog.

Exercise is clearly good for the dog’s physical health, but it also assists with dog behaviors. Studies have shown that dogs who are walked routinely are more obedient, tear up less furniture, less aggressive, and friendlier towards strangers. There are no downsides to walking your dog regularly.

Gain A Sense of Responsibility

When children grow up with dogs, they tend to be more kind to others. They learn what it means to take care of and be responsible for another living being. Kids develop a sense of empathy and selflessness that they might not otherwise learn. They are nicer to other kids in school and know what it means to help others.

Owning a dog is obviously not a simple task. They need food, water, toys, veterinary care, constant attention. But they provide you with unconditional love, support, companionship, and kisses. So no, owning a dog is not for everyone. But if you do decide to get one, and vow to take care of it properly, you will have a new best friend.

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