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Specialist in Horse Nutrition and Research on Equine Diet

Human nutrition has received lot of attention and extensive studies have been conducted throughout the last 3 – 4 decades. However, very few people are actually interested in or involved in animal nutrition. Considering how important it is to properly feed your pets or farm animals with the right quantity and quality of diet. It has become essential to know about companies or organizations which are specifically involved in doing research on animal diet and nutrition.

There are many different companies that are involved in manufacturing livestock food. But not all of them create equal kind of live stock feed when it comes to quality. Simply feeding the animals is completely different from feeding them a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet. Consider the example of human beings who consume so many items as food including the very unhealthy junk and fast foods. People who consume a well balanced and nutritious diet have a better state of health and fitness and therefore longevity than the people who consume unhealthy foods. So that gives a fair idea regarding the importance of providing a healthy and nutritious diet to animals as well. Animals, especially the horses are known to live much longer when regularly fed a healthy feed.

Purina store is a one stop shop where you can leave all your worries aside regarding the quality and nutrition value of your pet equine’s food.  Backed by years of research and development in the field of horse nutrition there could be no other option for your equines dietary needs than Purina mills feed.