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Signs that an animal is being abused

Animal abuse and cruelty is more common now than we would like to accept. Being aware of the signs of abuse will enable us to identify and report such incidents and free the animal from further abuse. Here are some signs to look out for if you suspect abuse:

Extreme weight loss

Many abused animals are not fed properly. If an animal is extremely thin it is possible he is not getting enough food, check to see if he is dehydrated as well, as it is likely that he does not have enough water too.

Is very aggressive

Aggression is one way these animals defend themselves. If an animal growls or reacts with defensive behavior there is good chance he is abused.
Injuries on the body
If you notice wounds and bruises and limps and whimpers when walking report it immediately. They will most likely be frightened of humans.

Looks sad

Animals just like humans reflect their feelings in their eyes. They cannot verbally communicate, so if you see an animal that looks very sad and withdrawn make further inquiries about the environment he is living in.
If you notice any of the above do not ignore, act on it immediately to save its life.