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Livestock Nutrition

Livestock rising is not always easy. A livestock farmer needs to have enough capitalization to sustain this type of livelihood as growing different types of farm animals is exhausting and expensive. One of the most important concerns in livestock raising is the livestock nutrition. Keeping the animals healthy is of utmost importance to safety the return of investment (ROI). In livestock nutrition, animals must have a large content of carbohydrates, especially coming from fats and oils in their diet. These are needed for their energy. Proteins are also fed but not very often because they are very expensive compared to carbohydrates. Most food that livestock animals eat include corn and cob meal, shelled corn, corn starch and corn oil, ground snapped corn, dried beet pulp, oats, barley, grain sorghum, wheat, rye, dried citrus pulp corn silage, and pastures.

To ensure that livestock animals get good nutrition from the feeds they eat, farmers are advised to only buy in an established and tested livestock and pet food manufacturer. When food and nutrition are involved, the credibility of the pet food store must be considered to ensure that the animals will get safe and healthy nutrition from the feeds they eat.

Purina Mills is one of the most renowned feed stores across the globe. Founded in the late 1800’s, Purina sure has taken roots as a reliable animals and pet food manufacturer. Purina stores can be found in many towns and cities in different parts of the world. In Purina, feeds can be bought in retail or wholesale price.