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Helping Your Submissive Pet Dog Gain Confidence

Pet dogs are known for their playful and sometimes protective nature. That’s why they generally make great guards for homes. However, it’s not entirely impossible to see a dog cower at the sight of a person, even when this individual is their owner. Submissive dogs are often anti-social, and exhibit extreme discomfort being around people and even other dogs. The truth is, dogs are expected to be submissive to a certain degree. After all, they are merely pets and people own them and expect them to be obedient.

However, while submissiveness may not be necessarily a problem, it may become bothersome if it becomes the basis of your pet’s behavioral issues. You will know when your dog is extra submissive when it lowers its body to the ground in a slumping manner when you or others approach them. Your dog may be “too” quiet, and will even offer a paw to shake your hand or may try to kiss you. This counts as submissive because your dog is constantly seeking your approval.

Pet experts suggest a submission versus dominance role playing exercise to help build a pet dog’s confidence. This is done by allowing your dog to stand over you, in such a way that it can sit comfortably on your stomach. Petting or rubbing the dog while in this position lets your pet know it’s okay to stand over you and will eventually gain more individuality as a dog. In addition to frequenting this exercise, you can also develop a habit of being at your dog’s height whenever you are in front of your pet. This helps your dog avoid associating your towering height with authority, and thus, will become less submissive.