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Behind all the glitter and glamour of a fashion show, there are thousands of innocent victims who have paid the ultimate price by sacrificing their lives in the name of fashion. It is their fur that is gracing the models; the shoes and handbags are made with their skins and the cosmetics have a story of blood and suffering behind them.

This unfortunately is the truth behind the fashion show. Animals are caged in appalling conditions before they are killed by using the most inhumane methods such as suffocation, electrocution and bludgeoning. Animals such as snakes are skinned alive and kid goats boiled alive for their skins.

Animals such as mice, rabbits, cats and dogs, some of them pets kidnapped from their owners are used for testing cosmetics. These animals have to go through the agony of having chemicals rubbed in their eyes and skins. After a life of unimaginable torture they face an even harder death.

Stand up for animal rights, say no to products tested on animals; go to www.peta.org to find such products and turn away from the fashion industry which so ruthlessly violates animal rights. Use the many alternatives available.