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Chicken coops are not so bad

Saying that chicken coops are not so bad seems like a stupid thing to say, especially if you are concerned about animal rights. But in the right context it will make sense. The context you have to see it in is in terms of Battery Hens & Broiler Chickens.
Battery hens are kept in extremely small cages. They have absolutely no room to move and are stuck in one position forever. They are not allowed to go outside and they get no fresh air or sunlight. A chicken’s natural instinct is to scratch around the ground and peck at it looking for food. When they are denied this freedom, they go crazy and try to peck at their own bodies. To avoid this issue, their beaks are cut off. This is obviously a very painful process.
Broiler chickens are bred to be hungry. This means that they will eat all the time. It is because of this fact that they become nice and plump. In fact, they become extremely obese. Therefore, their bodies are unable to support the ever increasing weight and as a result, suffer deformity. Most of these chickens end up with deformed legs. Although their life span is only six weeks, they endure a lot of suffering during this period.
The entire nation turning vegan is not going to happen overnight. Therefore, the supply of meat and eggs will continue. What can change is how this supply is maintained. Having a chicken coop is far more humane when compared to the fates suffered by battery hens and broiler chickens. It is for this reason alone, that it can be said that chicken coops are not so bad.