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Should you neuter your dog?

Are you facing the question of whether or not to neuter your dog? Neutering involves removing the dog’s testicles by performing a simple operation. It has many long-term benefits for your pet, both health wise and behaviorally, such as the following:

1. He will not develop testicular cancer, which can be difficult to treat and cause pain and discomfort for your pet. If he gets cancer, there is also the added risk of it spreading to other areas of the body.

2. Prostrate problems are common in dogs as they age as the testosterone causes the prostrate to enlarge. However, neutering lowers the testosterone levels in the body, thereby shrinking the prostrate. The lower testosterone levels also reduces the risk of the dog developing perianal tumors and hernias, which are dangerous.

3. There is less aggression and calmer behavior especially if the procedure is done before the puppy is a year old. This makes it easier to train the dog.

4. The dog will be less inclined to wander away because he is not interested in seeking out females who are in heat. This means he will be safe from traffic accidents and from getting lost.