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Why you should brush your dog’s teeth

You may not realize it, but brushing your dog’s teeth can add years to his life and improve his overall health. Establish a routine of brushing teeth when your dog is still a puppy. Daily brushing will save you a trip to the veterinarian to have your dog’s teeth cleaned, which can be very expensive.
Just like in humans, dogs will develop plaque because of the bacteria and food deposits in the mouth. This will cause inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Tartar build up begins after they reach two years of age and regular brushing will prevent this. Use toothpaste made specifically for dogs and never use normal toothpaste.
Regular brushing enables you to detect any oral health problems early. Gingivitis is one of the more common gum diseases. The earliest sign is bad breath, swollen and bleeding gums. If you see these symptoms get it treated immediately, if not it will develop in to periodontitis which can result in severe pain and the need to have teeth extracted which would prevent the dog from eating properly. The infections from the mouth could also spread to other parts of the body and could even result in the development of heart ailment.