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Why Knowing Animal Health is Important To Jockeys?

Even though jockeys eat very less as a rule, especially since there’s so much at stake with gambling at the races, there’s one thing that they all agree on. They have to really love their horses and understand the science of animal health in order to have their horse fighting fit for the big days.

And of course, this means arranging for the right feed for their horses as well as giving them a lot to exercise with. While this might seem like a lot of work, as a lot of training goes into preparing the horse for the races, one can easily eliminate at least one large aspect by contacting a feed manufacturer who has a proven track record in knowing the right type of nutrition that an animal needs.

Of course, one has to track the progress of these organizations over the years in an industry that is of vital importance to the produce of the country. And if the feed dealer has an internet presence along with plenty of testimonials that indicate the success of their product, then it wouldn’t harm to try what they have on offer.

And while being a jockey isn’t easy on the stomach, you can at least hope for the best when it comes to getting the best feed for your horses. You can be sure that you won’t need to do too much when it comes to getting them across the finish line, and a fat paycheck.