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Investigation on The Mistreatment of UK’s Last Circus Elephant is Underway

Footage obtained by an animal rights group has shown that the last circus elephant, known as Annie, has been mistreated by minder, and this has led to investigations conducted by the police and the RSPCA.

The 57-year-old Asian elephant belongs to the Bobby Roberts Super Circus.  With the Animal Defenders International (ADI) obtaining evidence of cruelty by the said circus, the former wants the circus to release the animal and hand it over to ADI’s care.

The footage captured between the dates of 21 January and 15 February of this year showed that the animal was repeatedly being kicked in the face while also being hit by a pitchfork.   This will serve as evidence in the joint investigation of the Northamptonshire Police and the RSPCA.

On the other hand, the circus has defended its actions by claiming that these actions were isolated and were primarily taken at a time when the owner of the circus was away. According to the circus owner’s wife, Moira, the person who was to blame for this unruly behavior was a Romanian groom whom they hired to take care of Annie.  The said caretaker is no longer an employee of the circus. The circus owner’s wife also expressed ‘shock and horror’ at the treatment of the elephant.

The animal rights activists intend on restoring Annie back to her natural habitat so that she could be with her own just as nature would have it.