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How To Walk Your Dog Properly

One thing that you often find dog owners doing is taking their best friend for a walk. However, not all owners know how to do this simple task properly. Yes, believe it or not there is a proper way to walk your dog. Most owners just let their dogs wander on while they stay at the back being pulled along. There are two things wrong with this scenario: 1. The dog is pulling on the owner and 2. The dog collar tends to be pulled making it too tight. This isn’t the way Chicago dog walkers do it.

The proper way to walk a dog is done with the animal beside you. It is not supposed to walk ahead of you or behind you, but with you. An important thing to remember is never to let your dog pull on the leash. If you can train it early on not to do this, then it does not become a habit. It is best to hold the leash loosely, letting it fall by the side of your dog’s neck. Ideally a curve should form. Walking a dog properly takes a lot of practice. For those dog owners who have difficulty doing this using and live in Chicago, dog walking services can provide the solution.

Many businesses like these also offer other services such as Chicago pet sitting. These are convenient for pet owners who may not have the time to walk their dogs or are constantly out of town. They can be sure that pet care specialists will take good care of their best friend.