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How to Choose a Feed Manufacturer

Choosing a feed manufacturer is important to maintain good animal health. Most conventional feed manufacturers rely on ingredients such as soybeans, animal byproducts, corn and mineral supplements. The reason that this diet is often used is because it is simple and is cheap to process. Most conventional farmers depend on pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to use on their crops.

The organic farmer, however, deals with their livestock feed in an environmentally friendly way. This is healthier for the livestock because it improves animal health, it is better for their immune system and enhances their natural behavior. This results in the consumer experiencing better tasting food with improved texture. Organic feeds use only plant products, organic grains and oil seeds that are certified. This means that organic feed does not have things such as pesticides, growth hormones, preservatives or genetically modified crops. Organic feeds can contain synthetic vitamins and amino acids, however.

A pet food manufacturer may provide various types of organic foods that are specific to some animals. Course grains are mostly fed to cows since they cannot eat whole grains since they do not chew their grain. Cracked grains are also preferred by adult poultry animals. Dusty feeds are usually not given to cows, goats and sheep because these animals are not fond of dusty feeds. You may find that poultry will eat dusty feeds but will leave the starch at the bottom of their feeder. Pallet feeds, grain meals and sprouted feeds are other types of animal feeds.